Aquaright Marine Supplies is principally a wholesaler and distributor of dried and frozen seafood.

Aquaright Marine Supplies was established on 16th August 2006. Though a new company, the individuals comprising the company has 5 years experience in the marine food supply industry dealing in frozen and dried seafood.

As a new company, we aim to provide top quality, top of line products which adhere to tight and stringent quality control and standards to meet customer satisfaction.

Our business also aims to establish a long and thriving relationship with our customers as we recognize that our customers matter. We believe in servicing our customers to the best of our ability, to make sure that our customers are satisfied with our goods and service.

Aquaright Marine Supplies has created our own brand name "RIGHTIE" for all the products.

In the end, our goal really is about you. When we have come up to a level whereby you, as a customer of Aquaright Marine Supplies, give us two thumbs up, we know we’ve made it.

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