Aquaright Marine Supplies supply product which locally catch from the open seas of South China Seas and Selat Melaka. Products range is mainly frozen & dried seafood. It is then locally manufactured before being brought out to the market with house brand name Rightie.

Rightie carried food products from dried anchovies, dried shrimp, dried salted fish and dried fish maw. Aside from this dried seafood, Rightie also carries frozen abalone slices, frozen sea cucumber, frozen crab meat and frozen block scallop.

How Rightie is different from others? The taste of the anchovies is tastier, high nutrient and more hygiene. Tastier is because the fish itself was originate from the open seas and was breed under the natural cycle of food. High nutrient will sure from the same reason. Being more hygiene is because with the well trained & skills workers from Aquaright Marine Supplies, we aim to provide top quality, top of line products which adhere to tight and stringent quality control and standards to meet customer satisfaction.  

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